Padelton Kotka is open daily 06:00 – 24:00

We welcome SMARTUM and ePassi payments!

We credit your Playtomic wallet as soon as we receive your payment. The credit is valid for 6 months. Please note: You need to download the Playtomic application and add Padelton Kotka to your favorites in order for us to see your contact details and credit you.

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OPEN DAILY at 8 – 22

Autumn prices:

Sunday – Friday: 24€/hour
Saturday: 36€/hour

Secure your playtime for 2022 by making a contractual booking by sending us an email:

Regular hour bookings

Download the Playtomic app on your phone and find Padelton Hanko. Make the booking through the application.

Rental rackets and purchase of balls

Must be done at the same time with game booking. Rackets rented  and/or balls purchased through Playtomic, can be collected at the courts. A code for the lock of the box will be sent with your confirmation. Rackets can also be collected at regatta Hotel reception in which case they need to be paid there.

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Padelton – The next level of Padel enjoyment

At Padelton’s facilities we forget external merits and concentrate on the essentials – enjoying the game. This is why our Padel clubs are designed for great games and fun social interaction! We strive to offer cozy, trendy and high standard ambience for your padel game – regardless of your level or experience.

Enjoy a quality gaming experience!

Our courts are World Padel Tour panorama courts and our facilities have been built to match the highest standards. Prepare for your game in our newly renovated locker rooms and warm up to prevent injuries, in our designated warm-up area which is fitted with quality exercise equipment to minimize risk of injury or muscle sprain during your game.

Padelton’s Players’ Lounge is a second living room for every padel player. It’s a chill- and meeting space where you can sharpen you play tactics with your teammates or learn from the large video screens on the wall, while enjoying a snack or drink.

Padelton is owned by a group of padel enthusiasts, whose ambition is to elevate the padel experience in Finland to a new level. We want you to enjoy your stay with us before, during and after the game!

Social responsibility is in our DNA

We strive to consider social responsibility and build for the future – today. We pay more to reduce and minimize our impact on the environment. In Kotka our Padel facility is heated with biogas and we only use electricity from renewable resources to cancel out the negative impact on nature and climate. Charging stations for electric cars will be deployed in our parking area. In our selection of materials our preference is for environment-friendly products and production methods.


We wish as many children and teenagers as possible to have the opportunity to practice a good hobby/sport. As a means to support this wish, we donate 0,50€ of each paid hour at our courts to the organisations Hope ry or Save the Children ry.

Familiarize yourself with:


The popularity of Padel world-wide and in Finland is exploding – and for a good reason! The game is full of energy, has a strong social factor and is easy to adopt and learn for all ages. Padel is an excellent way of getting in shape while enjoying the company of good friends and the rush of the game, a good team play with you partner is more important than power, for winning the match! The official padel game is always played as doubles, but during training sessions you will see a varying number of players on the court.


The padel court will look familiar to many, as it resembles a slightly smaller tennis court but with transparent walls around. The walls are made partly of glass and partly of metallic fence. These walls are an integral part of the court and can and should be used as part of the game tactics, in accordance with the padel rules.

The padel racket also somewhat resembles a tennis racket but without strings. The padel racket is usually made of carbon fibre coating on top of a softer core. The rackets weigh around 360g and are easy and fun to use. Padel balls look exactly like tennis balls but are slightly slower in character. Padel rackets can be rented at our facilities and we offer balls for sale.

Booking Regular Hours

Ensure your weekly reservation at a suitable time for you, by booking regular hours through:

Your regular booking is valid weekly (even if it falls on a holiday) throughout the duration of your contract.

We reserve the right to cancel individual regular hour bookings due to events (e.g. official matches) in which case we will notify you and refund your booking.

Reserve your regular hour:

  1. Check the bookings calendar for a free time at the Padelton club where you want to book. Please note that the calendar may have a 2-3 day delay in accurate view.
  2. Inform us by email of:
    • Your name
    • Phone number
    • Which club you wish to book at
    • Requested time
    • If you request an ongoing or fixed term booking (12, 3 or 6 months)
    • Date of start
  3. We will send you a confirmation and an invoice. The invoice shall be paid in advance, no later than one week prior to the commencement date of your regular booking. Should your preferred timing not be available (e.g. due to the delayed information in the booking calendar) we will contact you to agree on another suitable time.


Hanko Padelton Club (2 courts) are ! Fixed reservations can be made sending us an email: Normal bookings are done through the Playtomic application.


We carefully follow guidelines given by the authorities.
We ask you kindly to

  • Maintain good hygiene by regularly disinfecting your hands at least when entetring and leaving.
  • Maintain required distance to other customers, avoid touching the glass walls of the court and greet your playmates using the “racket greeting”.
  • Please use face masks in all areas except on courts.
  • Return rental rackets into the designated collection point for disinfection.
  • Do not enter the facilities if you have slightest symptoms of cold or flu or other possible Covid symptoms.

Courts and reservations

Padelton Club Kotka

Our club has four World Padel Tour panorama courts installed with Supercourt Mondo carpet for the optimum play experience. Our club is fitted with newly renovated dressing rooms, shower facilities, Players’ Lounge and Warm-up area. Rackets can be rented at the club and we offer balls for sale.

Refreshments and cold beverages can be bought from our vending machine in the Players’ Lounge by using Mobile Pay or credit cards.

Welcome to enjoy a better padel experience!


Suurniitynkatu 10
48600, Kotka


mon-sun 06:00-24:00

The club’s doors open at 05:30 and closes 00:30.


Make your reservation through Playtomic by using a browser or through the mobile app.

Download the Playtomic App:


Do you want to improve your serve, lob, volley, smash or back glass shots?

Or master the key shots of bandeja, vibora and chiquita?
Our trainers can help you to become better player – regardless of whether you are an advanced player or beginner!

For more information and reservations, please contact:

Padelton Club Hanko

OPEN DAILY 8 – 22!

Welcome to play at the southernmost point of Finland! Our two outdoor courts are situated in the buzzling and beautiful east harbour area in the heart of Hanko, behind the Graniittilinna building.

We are open always between 8 – 22 (weather permitting) and welcome weekly hour bookings in according to instructions here on our web page.

Regular hours can be booked through Playtomic and availability is shown up to two weeks ahead.


On weekdays 06:00–15:00

30 € / h

On weekdays 15:00–24:00

36 € / h


36 € / h

Saturday and Sunday

Advanced Weekly Hour booking - 12 months / 52 weeks

30 € / h

Ongoing contract, termination 1 month prior to renewal date.

Advanced Weekly Hour booking 5 months

33 € / h

Automatic termination.

Advanced Weekly Hour booking 3 months

34 € / h

Automatic termination.

Students / Seniors

20 € / h

On weekdays 10:00–15:00.

Contract customers

20 € / h

On weekdays 10:00–15:00.

Schools, police, fire brigade and similar

20 € / h

On weekdays 10:00–15:00. Contact to check eligibility.

Rental racket

5 €



Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions by email

Oy Padelton Ab
Fabianinkatu 4 B 14
00130 Helsinki
010 3192990


If you want to arrange a corporate or private event at our clubs, please contact us directly:

Fredrik "Freddy" Dow


Mikael "Mika" Simelius


Morris Fleege